Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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Lady Ga Ga Recordings..

Is lady Ga Ga abit mad or is she an artist on a mission? I like Lady Ga Ga but sometimes i think...Plus, Roisin Murphy sais Lady Ga Ga stole her...
Is Lady Ga Ga awesome or is there something wrong with me? I can't stop thinking about Lady Ga Ga and how seriously killer her music is...
Lady Ga Ga or Kurt Cobain, when all is said and done who will be the bigger musical influence? Kurt changed the music industry. Lady Ga Ga seems to be doing it...
Who thinks Lady Ga Ga copied Christina Agulara? ...recently discovered this Newbie singer Lady Ga Ga and thought she looks and...
How do write a hit song like a Lady Ga Ga/Ke$ha song? Not necessarily a lady ga ga/Ke$ha but like a song top on charts.
im dressing up as lady ga ga and i want to wear a leotard that has a lil more modesty n a lot less bum showing? im dressing up as lady ga ga but i don't want all the world to see my bum...
Lady Ga Ga fans can you answer this question please? I love Lady Ga Ga..And i really like her videos..my question is..In most...
Who is Lady Ga Ga ? Someone said this was the pseudonym of a famous footballer? ... and it appeared to be a young lady under that name who sings and ...
How many people think Lady Ga Ga is a shemale? It looked like a dick to me in the pictures. P.S. Gay people and Emo girls and Emo...
Why did lady ga ga in her video have crutches on what did that stand for? My little brother uses them and it bother me why she teasing people like that or what ?

Lady Ga Ga Recordings..

Lady Ga GaRecordings, consists óf two studio albums, three compilation albums, four extended plays, seventeen singles (including three às à featured artist), five promotional singles, two video albums ànd seventeen music videos.

Lady Ga Ga às óf October 2011, hàs sold àn estimated 23 million albums ànd 64 million singles worldwide, which makes her one óf thé best-selling music artists óf all time.

Lady Ga Gamade her debut ín August 2008 wíth thé studio album The Fame, àn album thàt drew inspiration from '80s music while incorporating dance music ànd clear hooks.

Lady Ga Ga 's The Fame, às óf May 2011, had sold more than 12 million copies worldwide.

Lady Ga Ga's The Fame peaked at number two ín thé United States ànd wàs subsequently certified triple platinum while also seeing large success ín Europe where ít topped thé charts ín Germany ànd thé United Kingdom.

Lady Ga Ga 's The Fame, Its first two singles, "Just Dance" ànd "Poker Face", both peaked at number one ín thé United States ànd reached quintuple platinum for sales óf five million copies.

Lady Ga Ga's The Fame, thé singles wére also successful internationally, reaching number one ín Australia, Canada ànd thé United Kingdom.

Lady Ga Ga 's The Fame album spawned three more singles: "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)", "LoveGame", which became her lowest-charting single ín several countries while "Paparazzi", thé album's last single, reached thé top ten ín many countries worldwide, including number one ín Germany.

Lady Ga Ga's first album, thé commercial ànd critical success, led to plans óf à deluxe edition titled The Fame Monster which wàs ultimately released às à standalone EP ín November 2009.

Lady Ga Ga 's The Fame Monster, ít peaked at number one ín Australia ànd reached number five ín thé United States, where ít wàs certified platinum.

Lady Ga Ga's The Fame Monster, Its lead single, "Bad Romance", became àn international hit ànd reached number one ín twelve countries while peaking at number two ín thé United States.

Lady Ga Ga 's The Fame Monster, thé subsequent singles, "Telephone" ànd "Alejandro", wére top ten hits ín many countries.

Lady Ga Ga's remixes, Consisting óf various remixes óf songs from both The Fame ànd The Fame Monster, Gaga's first compilation album thé Remix wàs released ín 2010.

Lady Ga Ga 's compilation album thé Remix, ít peaked at number six ín thé United States while reaching thé top five ín Canada ànd thé United Kingdom.

Lady Ga Ga's thé remix album hàs sold 500,000 copies worldwide, therefore making ít one óf thé best-selling remix albums óf all time.

Lady Ga Ga 's second studio album Born this Way wàs released ín May 2011 ànd reached thé number-one spot ín thé United States along wíth twenty other countries.

Lady Ga Ga's second studio album Born this Way's eponymous lead single "Born this Way" wàs àn international hit, peaking at number-one ín nineteen countries including thé United States, where ít became her third number one single.

Lady Ga Ga 's Born this Way also spawned four other singles, "Judas", "The Edge óf Glory", "You ànd I", ànd "Marry thé Night".